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About our name
Dosa, is a common breakfast dish that originated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, whose popularity has grown around the world. Thus we our name The Chennai Club.

Making of a dosa
Traditionally dosa batter was made by mortar and pestel, soaked with rice and lentil for around two hours and ground into a smooth batter and allowed for overnight fermentation.
This fermentation process increases the Vitamin B and Vitamin C content. Dosas are rich in carbohydrates, they contain no sugar or saturated fats. Its constituent ingredients are rice and lentils. It is guten free, vegan and contains protein.
A thin layer of batter is ladled onto a hot cast iron griddle, greased with oil or ghee.

About our chef 
A renowned chef, graduate of IICTHM, Tanjore, Shan started his career with the world famous Sangri-la group in Chennai. He moved to the US and continued his passion for cooking authentic and fusion foods. Today you can meet him at our restaurant, enjoying what he does best, making his customers happy.